What kind of spacers look good with Nanhong bracelets?

In the matching of Nanhong bracelets, there is one thing that is essential, and that is the spacer. Everyone is familiar with the spacer. As an object used to reduce wear between beads, the necessity of its existence is self-evident. In the matching of Nanhong bracelets, people's awareness of the spacer is not so much attention compared to Nanhong. It can be said that it is very important to do a good job of matching Nanhong's spacers, because it can add a lot of color to your bracelets. There are many kinds of Nanhong spacers, such as leather, coconut shell, beeswax, silver, turquoise, plastic and so on.

[Cortex] The cortical spacer is mainly made of cowhide. The material of the spacer itself is soft, which plays a good role in reducing the friction between the beads. And the price of this spacer is low, suitable for daily use.

[Coconut shell] Coconut shell itself is a very good material for bracelets. As a spacer, its texture is harder than leather, but softer than other materials, and it can also play a very good protective role. However, there are many soft-color coconut shell spacers in the market, so you need to pay attention to this when purchasing.

[Beeswax] Beeswax is bright in color and is naturally a good material for beads. Moreover, as an organic gemstone, it has a soft texture and can be coated with time. The effect is very good.

【Silver】Silver is a kind of metal, the weight of the silver spacer is heavy, and the feeling of silver is very luxurious. However, one problem with silver spacers is that they tend to turn black when exposed to water. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the silver spacer should not be matched with the turquoise of the original mine, otherwise the turquoise will turn black.

[Turquoise] Compared with the previous ones, the turquoise spacer is a relatively luxurious material, but if the green turquoise spacer is well matched, it can often have unexpected effects in the bracelet.

[Plastic] Don't look down on plastic. The price-performance ratio of plastic spacers is really very high, with various colors and quite cheap. If you don't seek luxury, it basically meets all your needs.

The matching of Nanhong bracelets is exquisite, the small partitions are very beautiful after matching, we can match the partitions according to our own preferences and budget. If it looks good, there will be unexpected bonus points, and maybe the price will increase because of it. Of course, what Nanhong plays is mentality, and matching Nanhong bracelets is also a science.