What is the grade of red jadeite--red jadeite: exploring the grade and quality

Before understanding red jadeite, first understand jadeite

Emerald, also known as jade, is one of the traditional Chinese jewelry. With emerald green as the main feature, it is one of the cultural treasures of the Chinese nation. Since ancient times, jade has been the supreme jeweler.

What is red jadeite

Red jade refers to deep red or reddish green natural jadeite, which is a precious variety of jadeite. Compared with other jadeite varieties, red jadeite is known as the "ruby" among gemstones.

The source of the color of red jadeite

The geological origin of red jadeite is not much different from other jadeite varieties, mainly due to the interaction of diamond, zircon, rutile, hematite, red spinel and other components in its mafic minerals , thus forming the color of red emerald.

Classification of red jadeite

The grades of red jadeite are mainly divided into five grades from A to AAAAA. Grade A red jadeite is the lowest grade of red jadeite, and grade AAAAA is the highest grade. The higher the grade, the better the quality.

The specific distinction of red jade grades:

[Grade A] The color is dull and single, without bright red, mixed with green. Obvious color bands, cracks and other non-negligible flaws, dry cracks, haze, etc. are also more obvious.

[Grade B] Reddish or dark red, lighter in color, mixed with red and green, without surface cracks and streaks, and the inclusions are cloudy.

[File C] The color is relatively pure, the color saturation is higher, the color distribution is even, and it has good transparency. However, small imperfections such as micro-graining lines sometimes exist.

[Grade D] The overall color of jadeite is relatively pure, with uniform color bands. The inclusions, especially the longitudinal cracks, are relatively parallel and there are few cracks.

[E file] The color is very bright and eye-catching, and the color saturation is similar to bright red. The overall density of jade is high, homogeneous crystallization, completely transparent, without any blemishes.

[AAAAA file] It is the highest grade of red jadeite, which is beyond the reach of most people. The color is uniform in depth, and the ribbon is like filament winding, which is extremely obvious and greenish; the color is bright and bright, with good gloss and no blemishes.

The price of red jadeite

The price of red jadeite is determined by the grade and quality, so the price of red jadeite of different grades will vary greatly. High-grade red jadeite is expensive, while low-grade red jadeite is relatively cheap.

Generally speaking, the price of red jadeite is closely related to factors such as its current popularity and scarcity, and is also affected by factors such as market conditions, the integrity of merchants, and the personal preferences of buyers.

How to identify the authenticity and quality of red jadeite

How to maintain red jadeite

1. Frequent cleaning: For red jadeite, regular cleaning is very necessary. It can be soaked in water for 5 minutes, and then gently scrub with a soft toothbrush.

2. Avoid chemical pollution: Red jadeite should avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, cosmetics and other chemicals to avoid chemical damage.

3. Precautions for storage: Red jadeite should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place. At the same time, when storing, it should also be stored separately from other hard objects to avoid scratches or collisions.

Market trend of red jadeite

With the development of social economy, people's demand for red jadeite is also increasing, and the market price is also showing an upward trend. At present, the origin of red jadeite has become less and less, and the supply in the market is gradually decreasing. At the same time, due to the beauty and fashion sense of red jadeite, its popularity in the jewelry market has remained unabated. Therefore, red jadeite is still a kind of jewelry with very high value preservation and appreciation potential.


Through the introduction of the above aspects, we can understand the quality and grade division of red jadeite, as well as how to identify its authenticity and quality, and how to maintain it. At the same time, we can also see the performance of red jadeite in the market. With its gorgeous color and high-quality texture, red jadeite has become a popular variety in the jewelry market, and it also provides a better choice for investment enthusiasts.