What is the difference between Nanhong bracelet and agate?

Nanhong bracelets and agate are relatively common gem jewelry materials, and they have many differences. Here are their main differences:

Material: Nanhong bracelet is made of Nanhong stone, while agate is a kind of quartz stone with microcrystalline structure.

Color: The color of Nanhong bracelets is mostly red or brownish red, while agate has many different colors, including red, yellow, green, purple, gray, black and so on.

Hardness: The hardness of Nanhong bracelet is about 6 to 7, which is relatively easy to be scratched. The hardness of agate is 7, which is harder than Nanhong and relatively wear-resistant.

Texture: The texture of Nanhong bracelets is more delicate, usually with speckled patterns, while the texture of agate is more messy, usually with spots, stripes and mottled patterns.

Price: Nanhong bracelets are usually more expensive, because its output is relatively rare and its production is more delicate. The price of agate is relatively low, and there are more types of agate on the market than Nanhong.

To sum up, although Nanhong bracelets and agate are very beautiful ornaments, they are very different in terms of material, color, hardness, texture and price. When purchasing and maintaining jewelry, you need to choose and maintain according to your own preferences and needs.