What is a collection grade Nan Hong, see if you bought the right one?

In recent years, Nanhong has gradually become popular in the jade industry, but Nanhong also has grades, and different grades have different impacts on the price of Nanhong. However, if the Nanhong you buy meets the standard of collection-grade Nanhong, it will definitely increase in value year by year during the collection process. What exactly is a collection-grade Nanhong, and see if you bought it right?

Five criteria, to see if your Nanhong is a collection grade?

1. Texture: the body is like curd fat, thick and moist

What kind of texture is good for Nanhong? Looking at the above eight characters, it is the best interpretation. The collection-level Nanhong feels comfortable and soft to the touch, without any harsh feeling, and it will become more and more moist as you play with it. Generally speaking, collection-grade Nanhong has a dense texture, a strong sense of light, and a special sense of glue and thickness, which is very similar to jade.

2. Color: rosy and pure, calm and atmospheric

Nanhong has a wide variety of colors, such as Nanhong brocade red, Nanhong rose red, Nanhong persimmon red, Nanhong red and white material, Nanhong Warring States red, Nanhong cherry red, etc. Different colors affect the color of Nanhong to a certain extent. red price. So what kind of Nanhong is considered a collection grade? Generally speaking, among the different colors of Nanhong, Nanhong Jinhong is the most precious, followed by Nanhong Rose Red. These two colors can usually reach the level of collection, and other reds can be distinguished according to the specific degree and purity.

3. Craftsmanship: Ingenuity, pretty colors and clever carvings

No matter it is Nanhong or other jades, the requirements for craftsmanship are very high. The price of Nanhong will be affected by the level of carving skills. Careful design often makes a piece of Nanhong of average quality delicate and dexterous. Such Nanhong The same has a high collection value, in addition to looking at the quality, craftsmanship is equally important!

4. Volume: magnificent atmosphere, hidden dexterity

The so-called volume refers to the shape and size of Nanhong. When Nanhong collects, the size of the works is also an important parameter to measure the value. Collection-level Nanhong needs to have a certain volume. Generally speaking, the larger the size of Nanhong, the better. Larger Nanhong ornaments are more atmospheric and more valuable for collection.

5. Quantity: rare varieties, low output

Rare things are more expensive, and the same is true for the investment and collection of Nanhong. The more common Nanhong is relatively low in value. Only relatively rare varieties of Nanhong have higher collection value, and wearing-grade Nanhong does not necessarily need to be worn. With the above points, as long as you look at the eyes, the color is good, and there are no flaws.

It is the wish of every Tibetan friend to buy a piece of Nanhong that fulfills one's wishes. If you want to buy high-quality and good-looking Nanhong, it also depends on the opportunity. Don't just care about other people's comments on the Nanhong you bought, the important thing is to see whether you like it or not. If you like Nanhong, boldly find your own piece! The most important thing is to choose a Nanhong that suits you in combination with your own economic strength and aesthetic taste.