What does it mean to seal the rough jadeite? Do you understand the sealed jadeite rough?

Rough Jade Seals: Definition and Explanation

Jadeite is a common precious stone. Its original form is natural ore. After manual peeling, polishing, carving and other processes, it is made into polished jadeite ornaments. The rough jadeite refers to the rough stone taken out after a certain mining process, and there are still impurities such as mineral residues and soil on the surface. And this kind of original jadeite is called sealed goods by people. The term sealed goods is because the rough stones cannot be sold directly as handicrafts, and need to be packaged and encrypted to ensure the circulation of its logistics and transactions.

Classification and characteristics of rough emerald seals

After being encapsulated, the rough jadeite has different classifications and characteristics. According to the texture and grade of ice, it can be divided into three grades: A, B, and C; according to the shape, it can be divided into cylindrical, half-moon, special-shaped and gravel. The rough stones are irregular in shape and vary in size, so they are of great ornamental value; the colors of rough jadeite are also varied, and the prices of rough jadeite of different colors are also very different.

Purchasing and storage of rough emerald seals

When buying raw jadeite, buyers need to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of it, and it is best to ask professionals to help judge. At the same time, it is necessary to choose regular and powerful merchants to ensure the legality of transactions and the quality of jadeite rough. When encapsulating rough stones, suppliers need to pay attention to protecting the shape and color of the rough stones, while maintaining a hygienic environment around the rough stones to ensure the quality of the rough stones.

Transaction and value of sealed jadeite rough

In the transaction process, rough jadeite is an important target of the transaction, and the quality of the rough jadeite needs to be appraised by professionals to ensure the authenticity and the fairness and legality of the transaction. At the same time, according to the origin, quality, ice type, color and other factors of the original jadeite, its price is also different. Different from the finished jade jewelry, rough jadeite can better reflect its natural essence and ornamental value, and has become the favorite of more and more art collectors.

Raw jadeite sealing and jadeite culture

Jadeite, as a representative of Chinese cultural tradition, has a very profound historical and cultural heritage, and the existence of rough jadeite also witnesses the natural qualities of this gemstone. Emerald culture also contains spiritual value and aesthetic interest, and has become one of the intangible cultural heritages in people's lives.

Development Prospects of Sealed Emerald Rough Stones

Raw jadeite is a natural ore with very important art collection and investment value. With the continuous development of social economy, its collection and investment market is becoming more and more prosperous. At the same time, the mining and processing industry of rough jadeite will also usher in new development opportunities, and is expected to become an important participant in the domestic and foreign jadeite market.