What are the materials of the red beads?

Materials and characteristics of red beads

Explore the material used for the red beads

Agate red beads

Agate red beads are mostly translucent bluish-white background color, with different shades. Agate is mostly a hydrous silicate mineral with a hard texture and high brightness. It can be used not only for making bead ornaments, but also for placing bracelets and so on.

ruby red beads

Red jade is solid and beautiful in color, bright and deep in color; hard in texture, high in hardness and high in brightness, and is usually high-grade. It is suitable for making exquisite ornaments with beautiful colors, and it is a popular red bead material.

Coral red beads

Coral red beads are mostly dark red, soft and fine in texture, with a certain degree of transparency. Coral belongs to colloid, which has physical and chemical properties different from other minerals. It is easier to carve and is often used to make bracelets and accessories.

Amber red beads

Amber red beads are made of fossil resin, light and transparent in texture, with amber yellow as the base color, and are mostly antique jewelry. The bracelet ornaments made of amber red beads are durable and the color is extremely natural.

Red crystal red beads

The positive energy emitted by the red crystal can easily carry the wearer all over the body. The color is mostly bright red, like a ripe pumpkin in summer. The red crystal is used as the production material, and the red bead jewelry produced contains its natural energy characteristics, and also has the characteristics of its tough beads and bright colors.

ruby red beads

Ruby red beads are hard and tough gem-like precious materials. The color is bright and dazzling, and the red color reveals a little calm and mysterious. It is suitable for making inlaid necklaces, pendants and other high-end jewelry. It is a super luxurious bead material necessary for jewelry nobles


In general, the materials used in red beads have their own advantages and characteristics. You need to choose according to your own needs and show your most shining side.