What are the countries where rubies are produced--The origin and distribution of rubies

Ruby - one of the most popular gemstones in the world

Ruby is known as the "king of gems" and is one of the precious gems. Ruby has been a symbol of dignity since ancient times. Today, ruby ​​is still a highly sought after gemstone. It can be found and mined in many countries and regions around the world.

1. Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most famous sources of rubies in the world. It is known for its traditional rubies of saturated color, high transparency and high brilliance. In the Mogok region of northern Myanmar, some of the finest rubies in the world can be found.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another source of rubies and is known to produce rubies in a variety of colors, from pink to deep red. Sri Lanka is also known as a source of high-quality rubies for their transparency and color distribution.

3. Thailand

Thailand is one of the largest ruby ​​trade centers and is an important exporter of rubies. Thailand is famous for its rubies of different colors, from vivid sapphires to dark red gemstones. Thailand is also one of the largest sapphire producers in the world.

4. Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most important sources of ruby ​​in Africa, the region where the world's most important new ruby ​​beds have emerged. The color of Tanzanian rubies is a deep red, often in shades of pale pink, orange and brown, and is very popular.

5. Kenya

Like Tanzania, Kenya is one of the important sources of ruby ​​in Africa. Ruby production here exceeds that of Tanzania. Because of its bright colors, high transparency, and elegant and elegant features, it is welcomed by many jewelry stores.

6. Australia

Australia's ruby ​​production is not very high, mainly concentrated in the Northern Territory. Its color is mainly pink and red, and it has the characteristics of bright colors and dazzling brilliance. As an export product, Australian rubies are also highly valued.

7. United States

Although the United States is not a major source of ruby, its ruby ​​market has a certain influence in the world. The Ruby Canyon and Valencia mines in Montana, USA, are the main ruby ​​producing areas in the United States, producing rubies in a variety of colors, from light pink to deep red.

8. India

India is an ancient ruby-producing country. The local rubies are produced in large quantities, but the quality is uneven. Most of the rubies are darker in color, brown, and the red has a purple hue. However, India is still considered one of the most important ruby ​​processing centers in the world.

9. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the newest ruby ​​producers in the world. Rubies from this region come in predominantly pink and brown tones and are of relatively good quality. With the protection of local resources by the Cambodian government, ruby ​​production in the region will continue to increase.

10. Other small ruby ​​sources

In addition to the regions mentioned above, small amounts of ruby ​​production exist in many other countries and regions. The number of rubies in these areas is small, mainly: Canada, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique and so on.

To sum up, ruby ​​has a very wide distribution range and is produced all over the world. From traditional rubies in Myanmar to new stone beds in Tanzania, it can be said that rubies occupy a pivotal position in the global market.