Ruby Fish - Learn about the Magic of Ruby Fish

What is a ruby ​​fish?

The ruby ​​fish is a very beautiful tropical freshwater fish, usually deep red and vivid blue. They grow in different freshwater environments, from rivers to lakes to artificial aquariums. These fish are very popular in aquariums and fish tanks.

Characteristics of ruby ​​fish

The body of the ruby ​​fish comes in beautiful reds, vivid blues and golds. Some varieties also feature black spots and stripes. Their body shape is streamlined, with relatively large tails and relatively small heads. Ruby fish need oxygen from the water to breathe, and they have two pairs of whiskers that help them with orientation and foraging.

Keeping and environment of ruby ​​fish

Rubyfish require a clean and spacious environment. They need optimal water temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees, a pH of 6.0 to 7.5, and must maintain water cleanliness. They don't overgrow, so the aquarium should be at least 20 gallons in length. Ruby fish are social animals, so you need at least three ruby ​​fish or a group of ruby ​​fish with different sexes.

Ruby fish diet

Ruby fish is an omnivorous fish that can eat fish, shellfish, insects, algae, aquatic plants, etc. In the aquarium, it is best to use a fish food specially formulated for ruby ​​fish to ensure that the ruby ​​fish can get sufficient nutrients.

Ruby fish breeding

Rubyfish are relatively easy to breed and usually given the right environment, they can reproduce naturally in a home aquarium. In fully mature rubyfish, males and females have distinct external traits, with males being more elongated than females and their fins also larger. Before mating, some vegetation needs to be prepared so that ruby ​​fish can spawn. Ruby fish are very careful and will protect the eggs until the hatchlings are born.

Types of ruby ​​fish

Ruby fish come in many different species and variations. Some of these varieties are deep red, while others have a blue or golden sheen. A few of the most popular varieties include red-blue varietal, dinosaur red, royal red, red coral, white-spotted red coral, red-white, and more.

Medical problems with ruby ​​fish

Because ruby ​​fish are sensitive and susceptible species, aquarium owners need to take their health care seriously. Common problems include parasites, gastroenteritis, mucus, and water contamination. If any problems are found, a professional and veterinarian should be consulted for treatment as soon as possible.

Status of ruby ​​fish in culture

In some cultures, ruby ​​fish represent beauty and hope. Ruby fish are very popular in Japanese culture and are considered a symbol of love and happiness. In Chinese culture, the ruby ​​fish is also commonly seen as a symbol of wealth and good luck. Many people like to keep some ruby ​​fish at home, hoping that they will bring luck and good luck.

The impact of ruby ​​fish on humans

Ruby fish are not just aquarium and fish tank pets, they are also widely used as scientific research tools. Studies of ruby ​​fish genetics, developmental biology, and neurology have also become increasingly common. The fundamental processes underlying many different types of life can be better understood through the study of ruby ​​fish.


Ruby fish are very beautiful and stunning creatures and are a wonderful addition to tropical aquariums and fish tanks. However, ruby ​​fish is not just a pure ornamental fish, and their research has also brought more benefits and fun to humans. If you want to learn about freshwater tropical fish and want to get to know ruby ​​fish better, this information will be your best guide.