Rough surface of red jadeite -- rough surface of red jadeite

Explore the causes of red jadeite and analyze the surface roughness

What is emerald

The scientific name of jadeite is cuiyu, which is a common gemstone. Because of its two extreme colors of green and red, it is called green jadeite and red jadeite.

Characteristics of red jadeite

Red jade is a very precious gemstone, with red as the main color, crystal clear and transparent, with a certain degree of transparency.

The reason for the formation of red emerald

The formation of red jadeite is related to rare elements in the earth's crust, such as chromium, high aluminum content and low iron content will create red jadeite.

How to maintain red jadeite

Red jadeite is relatively fragile. It needs to avoid collisions and chemicals. It can be wiped gently with a soft cloth.

The reason for the rough surface of red jadeite

Some red emeralds may appear rough on the surface, which is mainly related to its polishing and polishing.

The difference between polishing and polishing of red jadeite

Jadeite processing is generally divided into two stages, namely polishing and polishing. Grinding is to rub the jadeite stone with a harder material to remove surface flaws and make it smoother; and grinding is to use fine cutting techniques to cut, grind, polish, polish, and inlay jadeite through a series of processes. , making it a jewellery.

Causes of rough surfaces

The rough surface is caused by improper adjustment of the pressure of the machine during the grinding and honing process, or by defects in the stone itself.

How to prevent rough surface of red jadeite

In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, we must first choose high-quality jadeite raw materials to avoid defects. At the same time, in the process of processing, it is necessary to strictly control the degree of pressure processing, so that the cutting is smooth and the brightness is sufficient.

How to identify rough red jadeite

Red jadeite with roughness can be observed with the naked eye, and it can be found that its surface has a rough feeling. At the same time, you can use a magnifying glass to observe whether there are defects on the surface and whether there are more streaks.


Red jadeite is a very precious and beautiful gemstone. Once you have it, you should protect it well so that you can better display its beautiful color.