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Emerald rough pendants – the eternal charm of the jewelry industry

Emerald rough pendants are one of the most popular and classic pieces in the jewelry world. The value of this pendant is not only due to its appearance, but also because of its superior quality and historical significance. It is also a part of Chinese culture and is considered one of the very auspicious jewels.

History of rough emerald pendants

The history of jade in Chinese culture can be traced back 200 years. It is widely used in royal decorations and personal jewelry. Rough jadeite pendants are loved for their rarity, color and unique look. Over the past few decades, the market for rough jadeite pendants has expanded to include regions such as Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Price factors of jadeite rough pendants

When it comes to the price of a rough emerald pendant, several factors are still very important. Among the most important factors are the quality, size, color and clarity of the jadeite. Additionally, brands, producers, market demand and supply also play a role in determining prices.

The quality of jade pendants

When it comes to the quality of an emerald rough pendant, it is usually determined by three factors:

Size of the jadeite rough pendant

The size of an emerald rough pendant is one of the very important factors in determining the price. The larger the pendant size, the more expensive it will be. The pendant size is smaller, the price is relatively cheap.

Brands and manufacturers of jadeite rough pendants

The brand and manufacturer of the jadeite rough pendant are also very important factors in terms of price. Pendants from big name brands are usually more expensive because of their better quality and workmanship. On the other hand, different producers, production process and quality of the pendant may also affect the price.

Market demand and supply of rough jadeite pendants

Market demand and supply are one of the most important factors in determining the price of a jadeite rough pendant. When there is a situation of high demand and low supply in the market, the price will increase accordingly. Therefore, the price fluctuations of rough jadeite within a certain period of time will also be affected by changes in supply and demand.


Rough jade pendant is one of the most classic types of jewelry in the jewelry industry. Its preciousness lies not only in its appearance, but also in its quality, historical and cultural significance. After referring to factors such as size, color, clarity, brand and manufacturer, as well as market demand and supply status, you can decide which rough jadeite pendant is right for your needs and budget.