Is southern red agate expensive?

Is South Red Agate valuable? Some things you need to know

South red agate: has important historical value

Nanhong Agate, also known as "Southern Red", is a very precious red gemstone. Southern red agate is considered to have important historical value, and it was widely used in decoration and architectural construction in ancient times. For those who like to collect gems, southern red agate is a gem worth pursuing. Its price is relatively high, and it has been widely concerned and respected all over the world.

The source and distribution of southern red agate

South red agate is a rare geological mineral, which is generally distributed in the inland basins of China. Southern red agate can be found in Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places. Among them, Kashgar in southern Xinjiang, the Taklimakan Desert and the Helan Mountains in central Ningxia are the main producing areas of southern red agate. The southern red agates in these areas are of high quality and bright colors, and are widely used in jewelry decoration and incense burner carving.

Texture and color of southern red agate

The appearance of southern red agate is light red or deep red, with good transparency and gloss. Especially its mixture with minerals such as quartz can highlight its beautiful color. The texture of Nanhong agate is hard, belonging to the hardness level of about 7 degrees, and it is a very stable natural gemstone. In addition, southern red agate is also very suitable for carving and processing.

Market price and value of Southern Red Agate

The price of southern red agate is relatively high. According to professionals, the price of southern red agate will vary greatly between gemstones of different origins, different qualities, different sizes and different colors. Moreover, the price of southern red agate in the market is relatively unstable, and its price may change with the market situation and supply and demand. Generally speaking, southern red agate is a precious gemstone, and its market price is relatively high.

How to identify the authenticity of Nanhong agate

When buying southern red agate, you must carefully distinguish the authenticity. At present, there are many fake and shoddy southern red agates on the market. Although these fake and inferior southern red agates look similar, their quality and value are not as good as the real southern red agates. The method to identify the authenticity of Nanhong agate is generally: first observe whether the color of Nanhong agate is bright and whether it has high transparency, then gently pinch it with your hands to see if it feels cool, and finally check whether there are bubbles, internal cracks and other defects.

Maintenance of South Red Agate

Although southern red agate is a very hard natural gemstone, its hardness is still insufficient, so it should not be exposed to high temperature and strong sunlight, otherwise it will increase the cracks and defects of the gemstone. If you want to keep the southern red agate in perfect condition for a long time, you'd better pay attention to the following points: avoid collision, avoid high temperature environment, and put it in a relatively safe and stable place when you leave home.


In summary, although the price of Nanhong agate is relatively high, its historical value and unique origin make Nanhong agate an important member of jewelry collections. If you are a lover of gemstone collection, then South Onyx must be one of the gemstones you can't miss. However, in the process of buying, we must pay attention to distinguishing true and false, and pay attention to its maintenance.