How about lychee frozen nanhong? How to identify Nanhong lychee jelly?

During the years of Nanhong market development, everyone’s appreciation of Nanhong is no longer purely on red Nanhong, and no longer only pays attention to the identification of true and false Nanhong. Other colors of Nanhong are also gradually going away. Into people's field of vision and aesthetic range. Nanhong lychee jelly also appears in the market with its unique beauty, and it appears in the range of people choosing Nanhong. Of course, the identification of Nanhong lychee jelly has become a problem for everyone. So, how about Nanhong lychee jelly? How to identify Nanhong lychee jelly?

Regarding the identification of Nanhong lychee jelly, the following two points are indispensable, because these two points are the reasons for judging the quality of your Nanhong lychee jelly, and they are the most critical points. When you identify Nanhong lychee jelly, you should pay attention to the following two points, because these two points are the two most critical points to judge the quality of your Nanhong lychee jelly.

The first point: the color of Nanhong lychee jelly should be white.

The white part of Nanhong lychee jelly, to be precise, should be the frozen material part, which is very different from the white part of Nanhong red and white material. The frozen white of high-quality Nanhong lychees is a crystal white with a sense of transparency, just like the flesh of freshly peeled lychees, showing a crystal clear white color. Good Nanhong lychees The frozen white part is not mixed with other variegated colors.

If it is Nanhong lychee jelly with this quality, it goes without saying that the quality is good, and it is also favored by Tibetan friends. However, if it is a poor quality Nanhong lychee jelly, it will not have such a pure and beautiful color, and it looks like it is covered with a layer of gray and black. No matter its price or collection value, it is the same as the former price. The gap is huge.

The second point: the texture of Nanhong lychee jelly should be smooth.

It is clear and firm, which is the reason why Nanhong Lychee Jelly is called "Lychee Jelly". The delicate and smooth texture of high-quality Nanhong Lychee Jelly is an important reason why Nanhong Lychee Jelly is loved by Tibetan friends. The characteristic of Nanhong lychee jelly also makes it very different from other pure-colored Nanhong, making it even more unique. In the hot summer, wearing Nanhong lychee jelly on the body is absolutely beautiful and crystal clear, and it may have the effect of cooling off the heat.

Therefore, it can be concluded from the above two points that the high-quality Nanhong lychee jelly we are talking about has an extremely shiny texture, with a hint of oil in the watery crystal, although it is crystal clear, it is not lacking in gelatinous texture. On the contrary, if the poor-quality Nanhong lychee jelly does not achieve such an excellent texture, it will not only have poor moisturization, but also be very dry, and if it contains impurities, its value will be very low.