Emerald B goods--Jadeite "B goods": compared with A goods, how to distinguish the real from the fake?

You may not know jade, but you must know the word "Jade B"

Speaking of emerald B goods, the term has become synonymous with negative qualities such as fraud, inferior quality, and fraud. Even ordinary people who don't know much about jewelry, when they mention B-grade emerald, they will instantly understand that it refers to inferior and fake emerald gemstones. But in fact, the situation of Jadeite B is somewhat different. Its authenticity has always danced with the birth of jadeite, and it has played a certain role in the world of jadeite, which has been around for a long time and is expensive.

Part 1: What is Jadeite B?

Jadeite B refers to low-quality jadeite in the jewelry industry, generally referring to changes in pigments; such as jadeite that has been treated with resin coloring and heating; or refers to imitation jadeite, low-cost fake jadeite, etc.

Part II: Quality and price changes of Jade B product

Compared to product A, the quality of jadeite B is far worse. With some inappropriate methods, low-quality jewelers can sell it with B jadeite to obtain illegal profits. Their prices are relatively low. On the one hand, it is because the quality is basically divided and uneven. On the other hand, the status of jadeite B is far inferior to that of jadeite A. Naturally, the demand and supply in the market are not directly proportional, and the price is also low. was lowered accordingly.

Part 3: How to distinguish the authenticity of Jadeite B?

It is very important to find an appropriate channel to buy, but the best way is often to learn how to identify the authenticity of jadeite B goods. The most accurate judgment can be made through color, transparency, hardness, etc. Among them, the judgment of transparency is the most critical part. Transparency allows you to see the internal structure of jadeite. The higher the transparency of jadeite with normal structure, the higher its value will be.

Part 4: Market circulation of Jade B goods

The jewelry market is a rich and diverse market, among which jadeite B grades have suddenly attracted the attention of buyers in recent years. According to many jadeite merchants, the quality of B jadeite on the market is better than before, and the price has become more favorable. Of course, there are also all kinds of jade B products on the market, some of which are fake, and some are fashionable new products worth buying.

Part 5: Buying Channels for Jade B Items

B goods of jadeite is a controversial field, and it is necessary to look for formal channels to buy jadeite. Formal brand jewelry stores, official websites, etc. are all better purchasing channels. However, there are too many fakes on the market, and various stories of being deceived are coming. You need to pay special attention when purchasing. When choosing, you should not be fooled by the low price, and you must choose the one that is brand new, beautiful and suitable for you.

Part 6: How to identify genuine and fake jade B?

There are many ways to identify genuine and fake jadeite B, such as looking at its structure, color, texture, hardness, etc., or through instrumental testing. But the most efficient way is to judge the authenticity of Jadeite B goods with your own eyes and ears. Through several personal experiences and accumulation of experience, you will become more confident and more accurately judge the authenticity of jadeite B goods.

Part VII: How to buy peach blossom core jadeite B?

Peach Blossom Pit Jadeite B is a special kind of jadeite, mainly because it contains a special material called "green oil". Emerald oil can enhance the transparency of emerald, and it can also highlight the beauty of emerald green. Because peach blossom-core jade B has a higher emerald oil content, but this does not mean that peach-blossom jade B has high quality and high price. When choosing peach blossom core jadeite B, its emerald oil content, structure, hardness and other factors need to be considered.

Part 8: How to choose stone jade B goods?

Stone jade B goods refer to jade with different internal blemishes or color textures, sometimes showing a very wonderful effect. These flaws will make the stone jadeite B goods shine in various wonderful colors under the light, which is of great ornamental value. However, the color and texture of Jadeite B is not very stable. It is necessary to grasp the characteristics of color tone and texture when purchasing to make a more accurate choice.

Part IX: Maintenance of Emerald B goods

How should emerald B be maintained under normal circumstances? In fact, it is very simple. We can usually refer to the maintenance methods of many leather products, wash with warm water, do not scrub vigorously to avoid damage to the jadeite surface, and try to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or excessive humidity. When not wearing it, put it in a dry and ventilated place, and avoid close friction with chemical fiber items.

Part 10: Trading rules for Jade B goods

Trading Jade B goods must follow the relevant rules and trading standards. For example, when buying jadeite B goods, the quality must be guaranteed, and there must be a quality inspection certificate. If you find that the Jade B product is defective or damaged, you can ask the other party to return the product or refund it. Avoid cash transactions when making transactions, and choose safe and reliable payment methods for payment.


The above market flow, identification methods, and general maintenance of Jade B products are actually similar to Jade A products. Compared with product A, Jadeite B is not well recognized and is not very popular in the market. Generally speaking, it is relatively more difficult to really buy a good jade B product. If you are interested in jadeite, you should consider carefully when purchasing jadeite, stay vigilant, and act cautiously to avoid being deceived.